Who can benefit from this program?

All children from the ages of 5-13 regardless of their IQ level. Can you imagine a child giving answers to questions like this in seconds without a calculator -   square root of 7225 , 4627X422 ,  22+55-43+79-89+72-59+87+51-32-41+67. After completing this program, they will.

My child is already doing well at school and he loves math.  Why would he need this program?

Human brain has unlimited potential and there is always room to grow. This program is about training the brain and learning lifetime skills. Even if your child is an A+ student, this program will still help build a stronger foundation, helping perform better at more competitive levels.

My child is not good at math at all. What kind of improvement can I expect?

As the training method of our program differs so greatly from that of traditional mathematics, a lack of ability in traditional math does not predict any less success in the program.

How much homework is involved with this program, and will it add to his school homework?

There is some level of practice involved to learn and master a new skill set. This program aims to make learning fun for children and they will enjoy doing this by themselves. It just takes an extra 10-15 min per day and the benefits outweigh the amount of effort.

Does this program help the child in school?

With the enhancement of childs ability to listen, concentrate and visualize any topic is made easier at school. A child would get more out of a teacher's explanation and would be able to comprehend it better and remember it.