"The secret of getting ahead is getting the right start!!!"

At CLC, our mission is to provide children the right tools to Boost their Brainpower. The fun filled and motivational environment at CLC, coupled with a scientifically developed curriculum will not only assist children with mathematics, but will also improve their performance in other academic and non-academic areas...

Children are taught every basic skill like eating, walking talking, reading, why not teach them how to concentrate, focus and listen?

Wel all beleive "Practice makes a man perfect" Why not practice how to listen, concentrate and focus.

CLC is a brain enhancement program designed by a team of experts in the field of education. This program is based on a well established international concept of mental arithmetic using the ABACUS. Unlike math tuitions, our class time is a combination of various kinds of activities that will assist the children in improving their performance in BOTH academic and non-academic areas by developing LIFETIME SKILL like :
- Visualization
- Concentration
- Listening

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